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Bristol Online Services
                                                         Private Limited

Customer Support Number :
+91-9178992981, +91-9778571711
( Monday to Saturday, 10 am to 6 pm )


Minimum Balance to be purchased at a time after joining

Sl. No. Designation Price (First Rechargeable Balance) Validity Joining Fees Income
1 Master Distributor Rs: 10000/-( Immediate recharge balance credited to master dist. a/c of Rs.10000/-) Lifetime 0.00 Unlimited
2 Distributor Rs: 5000/-( Immediate recharge balance credited to distributor a/c of Rs.5000/-) Lifetime 0.00 Unlimited
3 Retailer Rs: 1000/-( Immediate recharge balance credited to Retailer a/c of Rs.1000/-) Lifetime 0.00 Unlimited
4 Own Brand Recharge Portal Rs: 25000/-( Immediate recharge balance credited to Own Recharge Portal a/c of Rs.10,000/-) Lifetime 15000.00 Unlimited

Note: - We don’t charge any single rupees to join as a Retailer / Distributor / Master Distributor)

Benefits of White Label Website/Own Brand Recharge

Website Portal White label indicates that it has no label. You can easily label it for yourself. You can upload your own logo, choose your own color, write your own company information in about us, contact & services page. Following are the main benefit:

* Your own Brand name (Your own website, Android/SMS/Java, Jar)
* It takes less than 24 hours to get your own brand recharge portal.
* It is many times cheaper solution than your own software development
(Total investment is Rs.15, 000/- Only.)
* It is complete and ready solution. It doesn't required testing as it is already tested.
* No need of technical knowledge, it is completely managed by the provider.
* Free application: you will get free applications also with your white label website.
* Enhanced admin panel: You will get admin panel with many features to manage your site & users. Single balance to be maintained. No need of maintaining multiple handsets.
* Reduces the working capital requirement. Virtual Balance options.
* Enrol Unlimited Partners i.e. (Master Distributor, Distributor , Agents)

Parent website:

Recharge server website:

Download Recharge app (android) at


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