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Bristol Online Services
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[1] Bristol Online Services Pvt. Ltd. (BOS) is an online advertising & part time job provider registered company.

[2] The main aim is to promote all business programs & products of BOS and those who want to promote their business through .

[3] The main role of BOS members is to promote all advertising matters which BOS provide to online classified websites.

[4] The Members are not employee of BOS, Bhubaneswar but are appointed as a Freelance worker for the same with limited validity.

[5] Payment & validity to the members will be calculated as per the job plan they selected.

[6] Membership Fess is strictly Non- Refundable & Non transferable in the name of any other person.

[7] A single/particular Ad should not be repeated in the same website within a time span of 30 days, or else it won't be counted. No repetition of posting allowed in a particular month.

[8] As per your designation (schemes), you'll be paid per successful Ad posted by you. Successful Ad means Ad which is correctly posted on a classified website under suitable category, description, Ad matter, Advertiser e-mail & website address & other relevant information's will only be considered.

[9] Adís which are wrongly/repeatedly posted in same website more than 3-times will not be counted & no payment will be made for that.

[10] Adís which are posted but having spelling mistakes and error in e-mail addresses or website addresses too will not be considered.

[11] Do not post ads in a similar type of cloned websites. For Example there are few classified websites which has got the same design and features with just different colors installed on 1000's of other domains. So, kindly do not post on such type of classified websites, if posted those links will not be counted and no payment will be made for that.

[12] In case if we found that you are posting Ads using some software, or manipulating details, or altering ad matter description, or doing any harmful/illegal operations that can generate more money without putting Ads, then your account will be closed immediately without any prior notice.

[13] Payment will be released in between 15th & 20th of every month. Cheque / Fund Transfer will be made to you only when your account reaches or crosses a monthly income of Rs.1, 000/- .

[14] Refund Policy Ė If any member is not satisfied with our job and want to cancel his/her membership after two months then he / she will get 75% payment from total membership fee that paid by member at the time of joining as per company TOS.Members can apply for refund after two months only. No member can apply for refund within two months from the date of Job activation But Company has the right to cancel membership & refund membership fee at any time without prior notice.

[15] Before starting work please clear all your doubts later on dispute related to above mentioned points will not be entertained. Privacy your information collected is solely for the use of "" and will not be sold to any other company.

I hereby declared that I completely agree with the TOS of Bristol Online Services Pvt. Ltd., Bhubaneswar, Odisha.


 Place:                                                                                                                                                       (Signature of the Member) _____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Please take a print out of this agreement paper & Send it to our Head Office:


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